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Central Fine and Performing Arts High School incorporates technology with the printed page to help in the education of students. We offer a wide selection of learning materials. We have thousands of printed works on hand, as well as digital media such as an extensive video library and multiple computer stations with high-speed internet access.

MISSION: To provide services and materials for both students and staff.  Policies and procedures are designed to provide equal access for all students and staff members. If you have questions or need help, please see Ms. Scott, the librarian

STUDENT ID: Students must have a valid Central High School Student ID to be in the library. Each student must sign in at the circulation desk.

HOURS: The library opens at 8:35  and closes at 4:30. Students may work in the library before and after school and during lunch hour.

PASSES: Students must present a valid “pink” pass upon entering the library during class time. The pass must be completed in full and signed by the teacher from whose class the student is coming.

ASSIGNMENTS: All students should have a definite work assignment spelled out in writing either attached to the pass or as a student handout. Individual passes from substitute teachers will not be accepted unless previously approved by library staff.

LUNCH: Students with valid ID may use the library without a pass all three lunch periods. Students must sign in at the circulation desk during lunch.

BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL: Passes are NOT required to use the library after school; however students must sign in at the circulation desk.

TECHNOLOGY ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: All students are expected to follow the rules as set forth in the Tulsa Public School Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

CHECKOUT POLICY: Students may check out four items unless given permission by library staff to borrow more. Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed once. Items on hold by another student/teacher may NOT be renewed.

FINES/FEES: Students are responsible for materials checked out in their names. Due dates are stamped in each book checked out. Overdue and fine notices will be sent either to first hour teachers or to English teachers to hand out to students show should take immediate responsibility to return the items. Overdue fines are 2¢ per school day for each item up to a maximum of $1. Replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged books. Students owing fees or fines will lose checkout privileges and receive a hold on grades at the end of the grading periods.

COPIES/PRINTOUTS: Copies made on the copier and copies printed from the computers are 10¢ per sheet. Students are expected to pay for each sheet.

INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP STUDY: The library is primarily a work space for students and staff and respects each person’s individual’s right to a quiet place in which to concentrate. Therefore, it is not to be used as a leisure time discussion room. The opportunity for cooperative learning is encouraged and engaged in according to the teachers’ lesson plans or teacher/librarian collaboration.

Shane Gilley, Library Media Specialist

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