Arts Management

Program Overview

Central's Arts Production and Management program is an interdisciplinary study combining business and the arts.  Because strategic decision-making, finance, and emerging technologies are such an important part of arts management, this program teaches practical skills in grant-writing, fundraising, board development, communication, public relations, business management,  and marketing.  In order to develop a broad foundation in the arts, students will complete at least two specialized arts courses such as visual arts, theater, dance, and music.  An arts internship is highly recommended.

Educational Opportunity

Arts Production and Management, still in its infancy, is a collegiate degree program having evolved in recent years from a need to cultivate community support for arts organizations.  Central High School's Fine Arts Magnet Program, the only high school within the U.S. offering Arts Production and Management, provides a unique opportunity to Tulsa area students.  Students completing the Arts Production and Management Program will be well prepared to transition into any college or university offering degrees in fine arts, business, or arts management.

Course Offerings

  • Fundamentals of Technology
  • Visual Art 1
  • History of Art
  • Introduction to Business
  • Arts Management I
  • Arts Management II
  • Creative Writing/ Screenwriting
  • Speech 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Music Recording Art
  • Pro Audio and Computer Music
  • Senior Fine Arts Capstone 

 Careers in Arts Production and Management

  • Archivist
  • Art Consultant
  • Art Curator
  • Arts Advocacy
  • Arts Council Official
  • Community Arts Manager
  • Concert Tour Promoter
  • Director
  • Literary Agent
  • Marketing
  • Performing Arts Manager
  • Policy Makers 
  • Publicist
  • Public Relations
  • Talent Agent



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