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Central Athletes Benefit from Generous Grant

The Braves are ready to compete thanks in part to a $100,000 grant from Keurig Dr Pepper and Good Sports. Central High School’s staff worked hard over the summer to create a video highlighting why Central was in need of new sports equipment for the national Let’s Play High School Equipment Makeover Challenge. During a special pep rally, they announced to students that they had won.

“The video inspired us,” said Todd Roberts, a representative for Keurig Dr Pepper.

The grant allowed Central to bring back girls’ volleyball and soccer. They also were able to build a better weight room, buy new uniforms, and update their gear.

Central basketball player

“We didn't have adequate equipment -- tackling dummies, tackling wheels -- we fixed that. In track, we always lost points because we didn't have every event. We were able to address that as well,” explained Eli Brown. “It enables us to compete at the next level with our kids and other neighboring districts. That's been goal since I became the athletic director -- that our kids don't go without.”

Eli said sports are a crucial part of the school for many kids.

“A sport will enable those kids to have a sense of pride, a sense of belonging, a sense of togetherness, a band of brothers or sisters. It's very important that kids belong to something today because they've got so many outlets, negative and positive,” he said. “Athletics in a school can build pride. It gives kids a reason to wake up and come to school because you got to be at school in order to play. You got to make the grades in order to play.”

Click here to watch Central's winning entry, created by Eli Brown, Joe Wilson, and Nate Goodman. 

Poster at pep rally that reads, "Won it. Now win it."