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Strong school and family partnerships are integral to the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students. We welcome our parents, guardians, and families to be involved with their child's schools as volunteers, advocates, and partners in education. There are many ways for parents and families to be engaged in a child's learning experience:

  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences to learn about your child's academic progress and how you can support learning at home;
  • Attend school events when your schedule allows; or
  • Ask your child's teachers or school leaders how you can be helpful in the school community!

Parental involvement is a combination of commitment and active participation on the part of parent to the school and to the student. As parents you can ensure that your child receives the benefits from parental involvement by staying up to date on what is happening in the classroom.



Central's Alumni

Central High School's alumni have joined together to establish the Tulsa Central High School Foundation, Inc.  This organization not only provides awards for outstanding students, but also donates for student performances, travel expenses for student workshops and competitions, and special requests for classroom needs.

Donations are always welcome and appreciated.



Central High and Junior High School Parental Involvement Policy School Year


The administration, faculty and staff of Central Junior High believe that education is the shared responsibility of the school, the student, the family and the community. Parental involvement is an essential component in the educational success of our students.  In order to provide a more responsive and welcoming school climate, Central will continue its annual review of the Parent Involvement Policy (PIP). In compliance with Title I, and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Central Junior High School sets forth the following Parental Involvement Policy, to be posted to Central’s website, the Parent Information board outside the Main Office and kept on file in the Parent Facilitator’s Office.

A. Accountability

Central will use various accountability measures to insure that students’ needs are being met. Parents, students, and teachers will sign an “Accountability Agreement, during the fall of each school year that outlines the responsibilities each holds in the education of the student. To increase awareness of acceptable behavior and the consequences of violating those expectations, students and parents will receive written notification of the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) Code of Conduct, Attendance, and Dress Code Policies.   All TPS policies are linked to Central’s web site (  Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s grades and attendance using “Powerschool”, ( Every six weeks progress reports are given to students and grade report cards are handed to students at the end of the semester.

B. Communication

Central is committed to keeping parents informed of its activities. A parent information board, Schoolconnects telephone messaging system, the TPS and Central web sites, Wikispaces blog, the school marquee, and local television, radio and newspaper are all methods used to inform parents. Parents may contact teachers by phone or email, using the faculty page of Central’s web site. Central will communicate information in a uniform format, in a language that parents can understand.

C. Educational Opportunities

Central will maintain a Parent Resource Center to assist parents with increasing student achievement. The Parent Resource Center will house a collection of books, videos and community resource information to provide parents with the tools necessary to help develop successful students. Central will provide a literacy, technology and educational workshops for parents. 

D. Active Participation

Research shows that when parents are actively involved in their child’s education, students perform better academically, have fewer discipline challenges, communicate more effectively with adults, and are more likely to continue their education after high school. The school calendar will be available at enrollment, on the web site, and through hand-outs, newsletters, and flyers.  Central will be open on a monthly basis for sporting events, performance events, and meetings or workshops. Parents are encouraged to attend school activities, maintain regular communication with classroom teachers and volunteer. Parents will be asked to volunteer in an area of interest as part of the enrollment process. Parent volunteers will be recruited throughout the school year via newsletters, flyers, parent meetings, the Parent Information Board, Schoolconnects telephone messaging system, Central’s web site, Wikispaces blog, emails and fundraisers.

E. Annual Title 1 Meeting

Central will hold Title I meetings to inform parents of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), Central’s Profile, Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), Supplemental Educational Services, and “Parents Right to Know” under Title I.

F. Curriculum and Assessment

Central will help parents understand “how to” monitor their child’s progress and work with educators to improve their achievement. Central will provide a description and explanation of the school’s curriculum, forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Central will help parents and students understand such topics as the state’s academic content and achievement standards, and state academic assessments. Central will post PASS for Parents on the website.

G. Informational Meetings

In order to foster positive and meaningful interactions between parents and staff, Central will hold informational meetings. Central will involve and inform parents regarding the annual review of the PIP and the Site Improvement Plan (SIP). The Central Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) will schedule meetings both in the mornings and the evenings. CPAC meetings will focus on improving student achievement through parental involvement. Attendees will provide feedback by completing a meeting evaluation.  These meetings are open to all Central parents. PTSA meetings will be held monthly. Meetings will also be held on graduation progress for each grade level. Central solicits anonymous parental input through surveys, parent meetings and activities and “Compliments and Concerns”.

H. Faculty and Staff Training

Central will provide on-going professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to strengthen and enhance the “parent-teacher” partnership. Central faculty and staff will be encouraged to attend all parent meetings and trainings.

I. Other Requested Activities

Central will proactively develop appropriate roles for community organizations and businesses in parent involvement activities. Community partners and parents will serve together on committees. Community and higher education partners will serve as guest speakers at monthly meetings. Parents and students will be given valuable information on a wide variety of subjects that will be helpful throughout high school and beyond.

J. Adoption

This policy is adopted by Central Junior High School on August 15, 2018 and will be in effect for one school year. Central will distribute this policy to all parents and will make it available to the local community. Central’s notification to parents will be in an understandable and uniform format and the extent practicable, Central will provide a copy of this policy in a language parents can understand.

*Tulsa Public Schools will work with parents as equal partners to provide quality learning experiences for every student, every day, without exception.

*Tulsa Public Schools, Parental Involvement Policy, August 2018.