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It is encouraged that each student have a minimum of three uniforms.

If you need assistance, please reach out to our parent facilitator Titianna English for supports.

Uniform are as followed:

High School

  • Pants/Shorts:
    • Khaki or black
  • Tops:
    • Collard polo style shirts
    • Red, white, black, navy 

Middle School

  • Pants/Shorts:
    • Khaki or black
  • 6th Grade:
    • Grey collard polo style shirts
  • 7th Grade:
    • Black collard polo style shirts
  • 8th Grade:
    • Red collard polo style shirts

Inappropriate Apparel

  • Any clothing with graphics or logos
  • Jeans with holes in them
  • Sagging pants
  • Hats
  • Flip-flops, shower shoes, slides
  • Distracting hair styles to be determined at the discretion of school administration
  • Chain wallets or watches
  • Any accessories or items with drug/alcohol references, gang insignia, references to weapons/violence, etc.  This includes belts with bullet castings as decor as well as as bandanas.
  • Colors which are not school colors or listed in the approved colors for dress code in the section to the left.