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Welcome to Central Junior High and high School's Library!

Central Fine and Performing Arts High School incorporates technology with the printed page to help in the education of students. We offer a wide selection of learning materials. We have thousands of printed works on hand, as well as digital media such as an extensive video library and multiple computer stations with high-speed internet access.


TCCL Summer Reading Program

Don't forget to be a part of this year's summer reading @TCCL.  Just read or listen to six books to earn a coupon booklet with FREE stuff and discounts.  Plus, you'll be entered in the drawings for AWESOME prizes!

2020 Sequoyah Book Lists

Make sure you're a part of this school's year Sequoyah Awards.  Just read (or listen to) three or more of the books on this year's list, and you get to vote. 

This special Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award is voted on by only the students of Oklahoma, no adults allowed.  Authors will often state the recognition from their readers makes this award one of the highest honors they can wish to achieve.  The Sequoyah Book Award has been around since 1959 and is the third oldest children's choice award in the nation. 

Policies & Procedures


Students may check out two items unless given permission by library staff to borrow more. Books, e-book readers, & MP3 players for audio are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed once. Items on hold by another student/teacher may NOT be renewed. Equipment (digital cameras, flip cameras), magazine back issues, and encyclopedias may be checked out for three days.  


Students are responsible for materials checked out in their names. Overdue and fine notices will be sent either to first hour teachers or to English teachers to hand out to students and they should take immediate responsibility to return the items. Overdue fines are 2¢ per school day for each item up to a maximum of $1. Overdue fines for equipment will be $1 per day. Replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged books. Students owing fees or fines will lose checkout privileges and receive a hold on grades at the end of the grading periods.


Students must present a valid pass upon entering the library during class time. The pass must be completed in full and signed by the teacher from whose class the student is coming.  When you arrive at the library, turn in your pass and sign in on the clipboard. 

All students should have a definite work assignment spelled out in writing either attached to the pass or as a student handout. Individual passes from substitute teachers will not be accepted unless previously approved by library staff.

Students with valid ID may use the library without a pass all three lunch periods. Students must sign in at the circulation desk during lunch.

Passes are NOT required to use the library after school; however students must sign in at the circulation desk.


All students are expected to follow the rules as set forth in the Tulsa Public School Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.


The library is a place for everyone and following these rules will ensure that everyone can have a quiet space to study.  To keep others from being distracted, cell phones are not allowed in the library.  If your computer has any type of sound, please use  headphones.  

In order to keep the space clean and functional, snacks and drinks other than water will be allowed in non-carpeted areas.  Water will be allowed in all areas.  Be mindful of the setting and use appropriate behavior including cleaning up after yourself.  

Resource Links



Tulsa City County Library

Tulsa Library Teens 

Your student ID is your
username and password.

Library hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Contact Us

Shane Gilley
Library Media Specialist

Mission Statements

Central's Library Mission
We are here to provide services and materials for both students and staff.  Policies and procedures are designed to provide equal access for all students and staff members. 

TPS Library Mission
The mission of Tulsa Public Schools' Library Media Services is to promote the skills, experiences, and confidence that will enable children and young adults to use libraries and information resources for lifelong learning.